Slap Guru was created with the assumption that music can become
a liberating expedient. Just as the ancient Zen masters, who
sometimes resorted with harsh methods to reach the Satori (even
slapping the apprentice), Slap Guru tries to shake the bowels of the
listener through the rock language.
Slap Guru started to play together in February 2015 as the result of a
long process of musical collaborations between the various
members of the band. Valerio Willy Goattin (guitar and vocals) and
Alberto Mart í n Valmorisco (guitar) have shared the same stage for
many years, until their feet were able to take them. A curious thing
is that the germinal idea of forming an Hard Psych band was born
after having jammed in a Nepalese local in Kathmandu with other
local musicians. After a lot of improvisations on the classic rock of
the seventies, experiencing directly the unleashed energy as a
possible positive bond between people from different parts of the
world, they realized that this was what they always looked for in
their travels.
Jose Medina Portero (drums) and Javier Burgos Labeaga (bass) had
already formed several musical projects with Alberto in Madrid
and together they have always shared the same concept of music.
So when Willy was finally able to stop in Madrid for one year, Slap
Guru materialized spontaneously.
In less than three months the band debuted on the stage and went
immediately to record in the HeadRoom Studios (Madrid) his first
work, “Cosmic Hill”. Andromeda Relix released it in 2016, and re-
edited it in January 2017 on a Vinyl format, including 2 extra tracks.
Since then Slap Guru has played concert in Spain and Italy, sharing
the stage with important bands of the psych-rock scene like Siena
Root and Sons of Morpheus.
Now Slap Guru have just finish to record their second L.P.
“Diagrams of pagan life” that will be released in October 2018 for
the Swiss label Sixteentimes Music and that will be promoted with
a middle european tour in Autumn.